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I am a Business Designer who works with clients and organizations to help them integrate their strategy, marketing, and operations goals. I am an intrapreneur, and an award-winning communicator who has worked in technology since the early 1990s, and with startups and entrepreneurs for almost 20 years. I have a specialty in digital and social media, and bring extensive experience in sales, business development, marketing and communications, product design and management, education, operations, process design, business analysis, and project management.

I have held roles with startups and large enterprises from Director to COO.

I am a mentor at TechStars Toronto and the newly launched Roundhouse Accelerator, and act as an advisor to funded and nascent startups in the ICT fields.

I have sat on the Boards of community, advocacy, arts, and technology organizations, such as Hamilton Artists Inc.Women in Communications & Technology (London chapter), and Hive Waterloo. I also act an advisor to such groups as Community Builders

I am currently a candidate for a Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University.

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What's most engaging to me is that which creates a DIALOGUE. Collaboration is key. I intrinsically believe that #whenweallwinweallwin. It impacts how I work, and how I live. 

I want to help 20 year-old women find their 40 year-old voice, and encourage 40+ year-old women to embrace their power. It’s not about the economic argument (that’s just obvious). It’s about IMPACT; to the self, our communities, and our organizations.

I’m an exceptional CONNECTOR because I understand how connecting people and ideas creates opportunities, and my instincts are valued by my connections. It’s not about the size of my network; it’s about seeing the possibilities. 

I am an EDUCATOR. I have designed entire digital marketing programs for private colleges, online and offline courses and integrated tiered curricula before LMS' existed. I have taught for over 15 years, including social media marketing, sales skills, internet, data and voice technology and soft skills. Having always been an early adopter of technology means I'm on the leading edge of emerging platforms with a discerning eye on design and user experience. 

I am a passionate, and knowledgeable public SPEAKER, which stems from my years as an educator in ICT and the arts, and my desire to have impact on an audience and a community.

I’m an award-winning COMMUNICATOR. I craft messaging that is compelling, topical, impactful, and is engaging and authentic. I create events and experiences that are goal driven and have purpose.

I’m an INTRAPRENEUR. I bring an elephant hunting spirit to advising businesses, always answering the question: to what end? I view organizations holistically, designing processes and efficiencies, saving my organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. I have an innate understanding of the importance of establishing best practices and how to measure their impact.

I am a POLYMATH. I am a lover of all things creative, expressive and engaging, from art to music, from food to wine, from language to technology, and my scope of knowledge is wide and deep.

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