Named one of BetaKit’s 40 Women in Canadian Tech Worth Following, KarenSD (aka Karen Schulman Dupuis) is routinely called a force of nature. She is a speaker, writer, designer, teacher, mentor, and a shift disturber. Karen is a passionate supporter of women in their leadership and career trajectories, a champion of diversity and inclusion as a growth strategy and a leadership competency, and of increasing the ratio of diversity within technology companies and startups in Canada..


“Karen brings a unique voice and perspective to everything she is a part of, and is able to engage in a way that’s authentic and relevant, demonstrating a great grasp on any subject matter at hand.”

~ Ria Lupton - Founder, Community Builders 

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Karen is not a motivational speaker. She’s a reality check.

Karen is able to craft a story and tell it to the right people in the right way at the right time. More than that she’s able to make that story relatable and valuable — she turns ideas and experiences into actions and opportunities.
— Sameer Vasta - Lead, Employee Experience, Ontario Digital Service
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Business Design means looking at your whole business. It’s not either/or. Not just your digital strategy, your communications strategy, or your operations. 

It’s both/and

Karen is an exceptional connector of people, organizations and ideas. She’s great at it because she is genuinely interested in helping others achieve their goals, passionate about the organizations she chooses to work with and highly receptive to new ideas.
— Mark Zimmerman - CTO, T4G
created by  Graham Stoltz

created by Graham Stoltz

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Check out some of the projects she’s created over the years, and some of the important initiatives, organizations and movements that she supports.

Karen’s passion and diversity of interests inspires me with every conversation I share with her. Her sense of community drives her to work hard at her career and in her extracurricular activities - her energy is boundless. With her knowledge and personal drive to make things better, I see women who meet her and work with her excelling in business, in tech and in their communities.
— Jodi Szimanski - Director of Strategic Communications (Faculty of Mathematics), University of Waterloo
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When Karen writes, it resonates. Read some of her most shared words.

Her posts are amazing. And inspirational. So inspirational that I want to try it.
— Shanie Mason,
Mixed media by Karen Schulman Dupuis

Mixed media by Karen Schulman Dupuis

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