“Please don't lie to me, unless you're absolutely sure I'll never find out the truth.”  Ashleigh Brilliant

Oh George. George, George, George. You were my boyfriend. And unlike ALL those other pretenders out there, I really did call you my boyfriend before you started calling yourself my boyfriend...but now...now I think we have to talk...

Yesterday, you posted on your Facebook Fan Page wall a comment about Nelly Furtado being "guilty" of taking money from Muammar Gaddafi. My comment was the second comment on your post.  I called you out for being "heavy handed" in using the word, especially in light of the fact that she was donating the money she received for her performance. Then someone else "liked" my comment and as I went back to the posting to read the other posts, all of a sudden my post was deleted. And it was only my post that was deleted.

Then, I noticed that you went and re-edited the post to remove the word "guilty".

I commented on how disappointed I was that you would re-edit your original post and remove the subsequent comments from your audience rather than engage in an actual dialogue with your audience.

Then you did it AGAIN! You deleted my comment and only my comment.

So, I tweeted about it...and guess what?! Someone, I guess on your behalf, tweeted back. But she lied George. And she lied poorly. And I have a feeling that the only reason she responded was because it was in my THIRD comment on the Facebook post that I told you that I was going to tweet and blog on this and guess what? That third comment was deleted too.

It wasn't an oops George and it wasn't "Bad timing :( ".

It was poor judgment.

I guess she figured out I had her number, because she asked me to post my comments again. I told her "No thanks. You deleted mine & others comments on my post, re-editorialized & cont'd to delete only MY comments. #integrity" and I stand by that. My comments should've stood. You or your team should've responded and not deleted my comments. That's cowardice and lazy.

When will you and others learn that you cannot control your audience? You don't have that right, nor my friend, do you have the means. In that sense, social media is the great equalizer.

Your 10K Fans may have greater reach George, but I'm going to hold true to the real tenets of social media that my integrity ultimately holds greater influence.

So @strombo, if you're going to allow others to wholly maintain your online persona on both Facebook and Twitter and not take any responsibility for your brand or your presence, then it's over. I unboyfriend you and I unlike you.

I don't "like" or "follow" anyone that isn't transparent about who represents them online, nor anyone that doesn't respond to their audience or attempts to manipulate that audience.  My other boyfriend, @unmarketing, has 83K followers and he would never treat me like that; all kidding aside, he doesn't treat any of his fans or followers like that. He tweets his own tweets and responds to DMs.

You really could learn some boyfriend tricks from him.